The official fuel consumption figure for the vehicle is 155.2mpg, but that is assuming you start every journey with the battery charged to maximum and make full use of all-electric mode.

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Paris police are evacuating hundreds of migrants from a tent camp near a major train station and tourist area, amid mounting frustration by residents

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The report also added thatstanding and moving more frequently as part of the working dayis likely to be more achievable than targeted exercise for many people

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equity strategist atCitigroup, in a note to clients Tuesday, citing adeclining number of upward earnings revisions

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She ran away when thedriver tried to kiss her on the mouth.

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The balloon, roughly the size of three football fields, will lift the flying saucer to 120,000 feet, at which point the vehicle will be released


This huge, growing exodus is one big reason why the number of forcibly displaced people in the world is now higher than it's been at any time since World War Two.

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Butpatients without PD-L1 detected in their tumors lived more thantwice as long without their disease getting worse when treatedwith both drugs.

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