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"COPD has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and with sudden cardiac death in specific high-risk patient populations
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Like many in his unit, he had been granted a deferment to pass his exams to become a chartered accountant
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Foundation Medicine Inc, which makes geneticprofiling tests, has seen clinical demand for its tests jump 67percent in the first quarter from the same period a year ago.
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Viewed as radical at the time and vehemently opposed by entrenched interests, the statute won passage as an experiment with an expiration date in 2009
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Adam Lyth was very positive for his 24 runs yesterday, but he's yet to add a run this morning
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Monday's loss was only the second in nine games for the Rockies and it came in the opener of a 10-game homestand
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”History of immune system disorders — People with impaired immune systems have an increased risk of developing lymphomas of the brain
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She speaks of the Trinity, usually described as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in these terms: "Our Father desires, our Mother operates and our good Lord the Holy Ghost confirms".
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“They are good and bad,” said a policeman
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Amtrak has long had technology called automatic train control on some tracks leading up to curves along its 450-plus mile Northeast Corridor from Boston to Washington
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We'll figure out the right way and retool or re-equip to do whatever we need to do the things that are helpful to Mississippi."
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It is unclear at this point whether the game plans to incorporate those at a later date.
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Clooney said he had been asked about that a lot lately because of his recent marriage and his latest film "Tomorrowland", which has children in it.
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However, the star was deGrom, whose 105-pitch outing helped the Mets snap their seven-game road losing streak
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Ellis had taken behavioral approaches used more commonly in therapy with chronic insomniacs and packed them into a more condensed, efficient format.
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And given Nishikori's current form, the fact that they never met on clay before is not even reassuring.
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Vigneault lost the Stanley Cup Final in seven games when he was with the Canucks and admits it is still too painful to think about that
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Now, coach Bill Clark must find enough players to field a team as early as 2016.
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"I suppose I arrived at my charitable commitment largely through guilt
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Then, when he was trying to call police, another car hydroplaned into his, going even faster
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That bet is paying off: his fund is beating the S&P 500 byabout 13 percentage points since the start of the year, puttingTanaka in the top 1 percent of equity fund managers tracked byMorningstar
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Symptoms of brain cancer may include:
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Vigneault knew full well that Zucc would not be able to return to the team for any playoff series
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If there is a pullback in the healthcare sector, it could be sharp, analysts such as Levkovich said
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The Republican-led state Senate reached the three-fifthsmajority needed to override McCrory’s veto in a 32-16 vote
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Ranked seems a slap in the face to me
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Other net famous people have also used their appearance in memes to raise cash for good causes
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Some have been known to explode and fire out shards of metal when they inflate, causing serious injuries and even deaths at the wheel.
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He looked concerned as nothing happened for a while, and then - "Aaaah" A smile of relief
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They could convince themselves that the real world was one where black people happily waited on white people, and where black maids lovingly embraced white infants.
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“(Men) have a very strong frontal forehead bone
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Seventeen countries were represented at a meeting in Bangkok last week after around 4,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi "boat people" landed on the shores of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia through May.
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"The bondholders have received PREPA's plan," said StephenSpencer, managing director, Houlihan Lokey, who is financialadviser to the PREPA bondholders
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Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol, which has been branded the "stress hormone," because it tends to appear when we are either stressed or fearful
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Payments of this level require the approval of the FIFA Finance Committee."
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This is unlike your other sources of retirement income (beyond traditional pensions), which are finite
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Let us show we have the collective intelligence to understand and overcome the danger that faces us."
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We marvel at the robots we see in films: some try to wipe out humanity, such as Ultron in the recent Avengers film, while others like C-3PO in Star Wars are helpful albeit slightly annoying
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Assistant coroner Mark Beresford recorded a misadventure verdict and said: “Misadventure occurs when a person undertakes a task that goes unexpectedly wrong
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“The point we wanted to make is we can still catch terrorists using the Constitution,” he said, speaking on the Senate floor while blocking votes
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"Areas to be tackled include electricity storage and transmission, and the generation of wind and solar power."
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Shifley said he has noticed an increase in solar installation at residential property in mid-Missouri the past few years, which he attributes to the cost decreasing.
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The reason why is still unclear
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"Then, I came back and it was better enough to play a regular shift and feel that I was able to make a difference."
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The tax increase will allow Sandoval to pump millions of dollars into programs for poor students and children learning English
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“The 2015 Sloan Public Service Award winners have selflessly used their staggering gifts to improve the lives of their fellow New Yorkers,” said Mary McCormick, president of the fund
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"The temptation in practice is to get the tumor sequenced,and if something comes up for which there is an approved drug,your clinician is tempted to try that, no matter what the tumoris
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A primary featuring a debate between Clinton, Sanders, and Martin O'Malley could give Democratic voters nearly everything they want
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That’s not as prevalent among college coaches as you might think.
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This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.
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Another thing that gets passed around and is guaranteed to be covered in germs is money
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Bill Clinton reported being paid more than $104 million from 2001 through 2012 just for speeches
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These were matched with over 421,000 control participants and all were followed up for up to 26 years.
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Many found their way to the Holy Land where they helped establish what would later become the world-renowned Israel Philharmonic Orchestra