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Although a strong dollar continues to weigh on exports, its rise has slowed

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Huang Yan, a 49-year-old Shanghai accountant, wept as she told a reporter that she believes that her husband, also 49, and his father, who is in his 70s, were aboard the boat

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The study found that adult victims of domestic violence were more likely to have been abused as children

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“He represents what a business person and a humanitarian should be,” said Union City Mayor Brian Stack, who was on hand for the street unveiling

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A range of sites accused of aiding piracy have been placed on the list, including more conventional torrenting pages

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But is this the beginning of a serious decline for the traditional black cab?

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project." Earlier Monday, FIFA announced that Valcke had canceled a planned trip to Saturday's opening of the Women's World Cup in Canada "due to the current situation."

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LONDON, June 2 (Reuters) - Britain's top share index droppedon Tuesday, weighed down by a drop in tobacco stocks, althoughstrong gains in plumbing supplies group Wolseley helpedto limit the losses.

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On Saturday, rocket-propelled grenades hit some homes in Maiduguri, killing at least 16 people

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Hoiberg's fast-paced style was a hit with fans and players, and he leaned heavily on transfers like Royce White and Will Clyburn to quickly bring the Cyclones into national prominence

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If people are nice to me in the media, I may give them a leather jacket

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The company is hoping that by investing in its workers, its customer service will improve, and ultimately that will encourage shoppers to spend more, helping to perk up sluggish sales at its U.S

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“I have seen passengers change their baby’s nappy [diaper] on the tray table, cut their fingernails onboard, and even urinate in the seats

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Any nation that has access to these kinds of glaciers can handle their own project and transport the ice cores to Antarctica

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Carlesimo thought he could coach NBA players the same way he had coached at Seton Hall in the Big East

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Officers stood along the base lines and partially encircled the pitcher’s mound as well

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“She lived downtown, and now I hear she’s on the East Side and, uh, you know.”

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did or didn't do that could have prevented ISIS and fixed everything.

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Rick Day, co-founder of Igot, another Bitcoin exchange recently launched in Africa, says Bitcoin is gaining popularity in Africa "slowly but surely"

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It was just that night of the game that my head was just a little shook."

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They are pictured flying together, in the cramped, though comfortable, cabin of an executive jet.

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Merkel does not want to be the politician held responsible for derailing the European project

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That was bad and the following start, on June 14 at Tampa Bay, he allowed 4 earned runs over five innings.

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After the May 12 crash, Amtrak quickly installed the safety technology.

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“You can no longer box the Catholic vote in a U.S

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If the Game 1 rating is up over last year's opener, the suits will know the layoff was a non-factor.

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Currently, a picture warning only features on the back of the packet.

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While brain cancer is not the most easily curable disease, early detection and treatment can prolong a person’s survival rate

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We marvel at the robots we see in films: some try to wipe out humanity, such as Ultron in the recent Avengers film, while others like C-3PO in Star Wars are helpful albeit slightly annoying

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Seibert impressed last year on Broadway as Adrian in “Rocky.” But that was the tip of the iceberg of what with this wide-eyed and soulful actress can do